Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Classroom Technology: Is It Beneficial or Harmful

It is truly tempting to embed technology in the classroom especially now that every school seem to be incorporating the use of gadgets in all the subjects. But before we give in to the temptation, we must first  investigate whether technology truly help children grow as learners - achieving their academic goals.

Digital reading vs. reading in reading in print - People are less likely to focus on the content when reading from a laptop or a tablet. This is because of the  distractions which come in the form of adjustments and multi-media adjustments. Distractions like these can cause decreased comprehension  and speed in reading. There are instances when digital reading offers options for learners who need more support. For example, non-English speakers can  learn the language better with the use of  certain applications installed in tablets. Such applications allow students to touch a word on the screen and watch an interactive definition for that word. This can impact the learning process of language learners positively.
Social media matters - Some educators leverage social media to their advantage. They post assignments, announcements and project ideas on a classroom Facebook account. They do this to catch the attention of students and remind them  to finish their tasks  on time. When the purpose of social media use is driven with the goal of learning, social media can make a difference in students’ learning lives. However, too much use of social media can be be unhealthy as online conversations through social media accounts can affect the ability of students to grow in their personal relationships. 
Wise choices - Educators should determine when technology integration is necessary or detrimental in learning. Some related researches show that  students who do not use a digital device during class show better understanding of the content taught compared to the students who are dependent on their gadgets to survive school. In fact, there are situations when the mere presence of technology is already distracting for students. 
In conclusion, everything must be kept simple. If the integration integration of gadgets won't aid students' learning, their use must be dismissed even though they are going to aid educators in their discussions.