Monday, October 21, 2013

Is There Such A Thing As Communication Etiquette?

In this time and age that street language and gay lingo are rampant, communication etiquette seem to be unimportant to most people. But some of us are still offended by jokes, sarcasm, coarse words and disrespectful remarks. This only proves the need for communication etiquette. 

What is it anyway? This is a kind of interaction that is courteous in all aspects and  well-though of. Other elements that it involves are active listening and sincere understanding of the idea relayed. 

Contrary to popular belief, this is not exclusive to business meetings and other sorts of formal gatherings. Conversations done in homes, offices, stores and public places become clearer with this. Imagine people talking to each other nicely and comprehending every word spoken.

Conflict is a major impediment that makes these impossible though. Conflict may be a result of something negative that transpired before the event of the communication. This is possible to happen between family members, friends, co-workers and business partners. 

Despite the above-mentioned grounds of conflict, a level-headed person (any one of the two communicators) must choose  to resolve the conflict before moving onto the conversation. In here, desire to communicate with etiquette is highly important.