Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Three Best Ways to Promote 21st Century Learning

Whether you like it or not, the world is rapidly changing. And, this affects the way young people learn today. While there's nothing wrong with using the traditional learning methods, taking advantage of the current learning methods can help students learn more and adapt quickly to their environment. Here are some approaches you might want to consider in teaching your students and/or children.

Games and gamification - Good games engage players in deep problem-solving. This involves trial-and-error procedures which most present-day students dislike because they want instant answers or results. When students get used to trial and error thinking, they get to understand the lecture better and they're able to apply learned concepts appropriately.

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Online career and technical education - Students study hard in order to prepare themselves for future employment. Hence, it is practical to help them learn employability skills in the workplace. These include workplace communication (both written and verbal) dependability, honesty, integrity and work ethics. In here, virtual business simulations for different industries may be used to aid student's learning.

Project-based learning - Enhancing and testing students' cognitive abilities aren't enough in preparing students for the employment world. They must also learn life skills and so they should be allowed to experience a hands-on career exploration. These can be achieved through themed projects which will give them an idea how work is actually in their chosen field.