Monday, December 14, 2015

Top Part Time Jobs for College Students

Got student loans? You don't have to wait until graduation to pay them off. You can start cutting down your debt by earning from a part time job. Here are some jobs you can do while finishing your college degree.

Non-profit charity fundraiser - Are you interested in supporting a nonprofit and its affiliated fundraising activities? If yes, this is great job for you.

Social media assistant - This is perfect for students who are good at managing social media accounts. If you apply for a position like this, be ready for some content marketing as well..

Academic tutor - Identify what class or subject you excel in. Then, sell yourself as an academic tutor. You can teach a classmate or students in lower levels for an hourly pay.

Babysitter - Reserve your days off from school for babysitting appointments. You will surprised about the amount of money couples would be willing to pay just to spend some time together.

Writer - Your excellent writing and editing skills can get you hundreds of dollars if you put them into use. You can work freelance or part time for a company depending on your preference. Just make sure to beat tight deadlines.

Circulation clerk - If you love spending hours with books and in the library, this part time job suits you. As circulation clerk, you will need to assist library goers and create a positive library experience for them.

Office assistant - Different departments in college campuses need office assistants to handle daily responsibilities like answering the phone, scheduling appointments, and maintaining files. You will need great organizational skills if you want to be hired for this job.