Thursday, November 26, 2015

Are You a Visual Learner?

A visual learner is someone who learns best by adhering to the visual learning style. Concepts, data, ideas and other information are associated with images and techniques in this learning style. Following are common characteristics of a visual learner.
  • He remembers what he sees rather than what he hears
  • He remembers diagrams and pictures.
  • He has trouble remembering verbal instructions.
  • He need an overall view and purpose before he starts working on a task.
  • He likes art more than music.
  • He takes written notes in lectures & class.
  • He uses colors to highlight important points in a block of text.
  • He pays attention to diagrams, charts and pictures in text books.
  • He uses mind maps  to organize information for an assignment or for an exam revision.
  • He uses a wall planner.

To cope with his classes and learning responsibilities, a visual learner uses graphic organizers. Graphic organizers are visual representations of concepts, ideas. knowledge or thoughts that show the relationships between the parts or the symbols are linked with each other. Words can also be used to further clarify meaning. Research studies show that use of graphic organizers improve students' performance in:

Retention - Information is remembered by students especially when they are learned not verbally but also visually.
Reading comprehension - Students understand stories or any text through visual counterparts.

Student achievement - Higher order thinking and critical thinking skills of students are enhanced with use of visual aides.