Thursday, November 19, 2015

Are You an Auditory Learner?

An auditory learner is someone who learns best through listening or using his sense of hearing. But he doesn't depend mainly on listening, he depends on speaking as well during the learning process.

An auditory learner encounters difficulty in understanding drawn or written instructions. Listening and repeating skills help an auditory learner to sort through the information that are presented to him.

There are many benefits of  adhering to the auditory learning style. They are the following.

Ascertaining the true meaning of someone's words - This is decoded through the observation of audible signals like changes in tone.

Writing responses to lectures and seminars - This learning style allows you to listen effectively to lectures and seminars. As a result, you're able to respond in oral exams appropriately. Also, you're able to deliver through oral communication effectively.

Storytelling skills - Auditory learning can help you solve problems by talking problems through. Because of this, you're able to remember the logical order of things as they happen. This is needed in storytelling together with your ability to communicate effectively through speaking.

You'll know you're an auditory learner if:

  • you like to read to yourself aloud
  • you like speaking in class
  • you're good at explaining
  • you remember names
  • you enjoy music and you notice clearly sound effects in movies
  • you read at a slow phase
  • you follow spoken directions well
  • you're able to memorize a script easily
  • you can't keep quiet for a long time
  • you excel more with study groups