Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Improve Your Learning Skills With These Gadgets

Nowadays, integration of technology and learning comes very easy to us. However, there are still some people who remain clueless about it and the great benefits it can provide. Do you want to use technology to improve your learning skills and productivity but you don't know how or where to start? Read below the top gadgets with which you can get started.

Speech-Recognition Software

Today there are a variety of speech-recognition programs. One software program that is getting a lot of hype is Dragon Naturally Speaking. This program is being used in many different fields and lucky enough for us, it is making its way into education hop on board! Dragon is a speech-recognition software program that allows you to speak words that are translated into text at a much faster rate than most people can type. One might say that using Dragon is like having a personal scribe! This technology has many implications in the classroom. This type of program can be used during writing activities to assist: hesitant writers who struggle with the mechanics of writing, English Language Learners, students with learning disabilities and students with motor limitations. Click here to learn more about ways to use speech-recognition software to improve writing.


Here is a neat tool that can help teachers keep track of the learning in their classrooms. The tool is called a “Student Response System” but I like to refer to them as “Clickers.” A teacher can use a class set of Clickers to get real-time data that can inform instruction. Each student has a Clicker and can use it to respond to various types of questions. Some Clickers have advanced functions such as: true/false, multiple choice, cold call and even texting! Clickers are highly engaging for students, yet also can teach them how to become more independent in their learning. I know an amazing teacher who used Clickers in his classroom and developed rules surrounding appropriate uses for students. To learn more about how he used them in his math class, click here.

Reading Pens

A reading pen is a portable device that can scan text and read it aloud. Many reading pens also have a dictionary function where new or unknown words can be defined. A reading pen can connect to a computer so that the reader may upload the words they read after each use. Challenging words can then be stored for future use.