Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How Decluttering Can Help You Become Focused

Being focused on the things that need your attention doesn’t only involve training of the mind. It also includes structuring an environment conducive to studying or working. Believe it or not, clutter can keep you from focusing on your lessons or tasks perfectly. Clutter is a major distraction that will cause your mind to linger every now and then.

Look around your room or the main spot where you study or work. Is it filled with a lot of stuff that you practically don’t need? Yes? Then, start clearing your space. If you have less stuff to lay your eyes on, it will be easier for you to focus on the work under your nose.

To de-clutter properly, you will need to:

Not to be lazy. You need not have a lot of time in order to put your things in order. You simply need to be motivated and focused on orderliness.

See the true value of your possessions. Items that cost a thousand bucks before will decrease in monetary value in time. So, if you’re keeping something that used to be expensive, you can’t expect its price to increase in the future.

Cut emotional ties. Memories and sentimental value usually stop people from giving or throwing away that are no longer useful to them. If you find yourself as one of them, now is the time for you to things over and just choose the most important items you want to keep.

Stop regrets on your impulse purchases. Do you own expensive items which you bought out of impulse? No matter how you regret about them, you can no longer bring back the past particularly your money. Let go of the evidences that remind you of your impulse buying and start a clutter-free life today!

Note: All credit to the owner of this infographic.