Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Six Steps to Your Dream Career After College

After college, employed will be the next stressful thing that you will need to care about. It  is stressful because it can affect your  physical, emotional and psychological well-being specifically when you're unable to make it to your dream career. Herewith are some insights on how you can beat the pressure it brings.

Know yourself - Without any bias, identify your strengths and weaknesses. In relation to your strengths, derive the skills which you think could be of contribution to the marketplace. Also, know how you are going to execute them.

Determine what you want - It is always easy to set a direction if you know what career you want to pursue. Avoid, getting into the same pitfall like many workers did. After spending half of their lives in the job of their chose, they are still not sure if it is the right work for them.

Make a list of your key skills, experience level and relevant qualifications. Include there too the  salary and benefits and the career development opportunities that you are looking for in a company. Afterwards, enlist the name of companies you wish to work for, the actual opportunities available at the moment and the future trends for these opportunities. This will help you understand what is in store for you in the job market.

Get some career counseling - Not only fresh graduates could benefit from this type of job hunting tips but also those seeking new employers. Each college has a career services department that can help fresh graduates and alumni get a hold of relevant employment listings. There are also schedules for assistance on preparing for interviews, resume writing and some career advice. For additional help you can subscribe to the career placement services in your local city or county.  They can connect you with relevant hiring for free or minimal payment. For a more personal approach, hire a professional career advisor who can help you decide on the best career path to take with proper consideration to your resources and qualifications.

Review and update your resume - Your resume is the main tool you will use to find a new job. It is like a marketing material that will help you land in the hands of prospect employers. Job seekers often make a mistake of creating resume that solely becomes a long list of accomplishments. You can make your resume more appealing in the eyes of employers by providing instances on how you have helped your previous employers achieve their goals. Look for excellent resume templates online with which you can use as pattern. Seek for professional help if the resources you will find are not enough.

Approach companies - Those who apply to the companies of their choice usually succeed in their job search. That is what studies show. While you can try the traditional walk-in application, you can now also register in the career websites of your prospect companies and state your interest for employment opportunities with them.

Prepare for interviews - This is surely one of the most important job hunting tips you'll come across. Doing a mock interview with a friend or a coach can get you confident and knowledgeable in answering job interview questions.