Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Survive Your First Day on the Job with These Tips

Are you one of the many young people who have just finished their education and now ready for full-time employment? Yes? Congratulations. Perhaps, you're now scared about your first day in your job. Don't be. Relax and keep in mind all the things you need to do as a newbie in the workplace. Here are some tips that can get you started.

#1 Observe punctuality. Never come late to work especially on your first day. Don't come too early though as your co-workers may not yet be ready to receive you.

#2 Know the logistics of the place. Locate the amenities: rest rooms, the coffee-making facilities, pantry, cafeteria, etc.

#3 Smile at everyone. Try your best to meet everyone, learn their names and let them know who you are.

#4 Quickly learn your work email address, people's names, job titles, where everyone's desks are located.

#5 Take down notes. Have a notebook and pen ready all the time. Write all the important points as your seniors teach you procedures and other information about accomplishing certain tasks.

#6 Show enthusiasm but don't be desperate to please everyone. Your boss and  senior co-workers will know if you're taking in a lot of task beyond your capabilities.

#7 Admit mistakes immediately. - Mistakes are inevitable especially in the case of newbies like you. Never cover up your mistakes. This will annoy your co-workers. This will also cause a lot of stress on you. Be honest with your mistakes so you can get helped and to avoid big problems.

#8 Keep your own counsel. Be careful not to be close to anyone right away. Resist the temptation to criticize or complain about your work or other co-workers and managers. If senior co-workers are airing their grievances, don't join them and just keep your mouth shut.