Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Five Best Ways to Empower Your Brain

Success takes years of perseverance and
hard work. It also requires a brain that is empowered and productive. The brain will command your emotions and body towards success. The following are simple ways to empower your brain and unlock your full potential.

Learning - Learning new skills and developing them empowers the brain. For example, learning new sports or playing musical instruments helps stimulate the hand-eye motor coordination skills as well as the intraparietal sulcus area of the brain. Visualization can also help strengthen the brain's neural pathways.

Socialization - Socialization stimulates the brain and keeps it healthy. Volunteering is one example of socialization. It affects the prefrontal cortex of the brain which is responsible for problem solving, analysis and planning.

Regular exercise - Aside from losing weight, exercise can help improve your brain's health. It reduces the fatty deposits that can clog the arteries. The arteries are responsible in feeding the brain. Regular exercise increases blood and oxygen circulation in the body and in the brain.

Enough sleep - Sleeping eight hours a day allows the brain to recover from getting overwhelmed with a lot of information. Sleep recharges the brain. If your job requires you to focus and work for straight hours, rest your brain for a few minutes and take a nap. Your brain will be totally recharged.

Positivity - Positivity keeps the brain healthy. Positive thinking can improve your mood and help you accomplish all the tasks you need to focus on and complete with in the day. Negative thinking can add stress and increase toxin levels in your body. It can also affect your immune system because it will cause you to stop moving and finding for meaningful things to do.