Monday, February 16, 2015

Secrets to Achieving Overall Wellbeing

Wellbeing is a condition that is strongly linked to happiness, peace and prosperity in life. It is characterized by the absence of sickness, as well as something that makes you feel good and judge life positively.

A person’s wellbeing is enhanced or influenced by physical, mental, social and emotional factors. These factors are interrelated. For example, certain physical conditions can stir up emotional issues in you. Moreover, some factors can make up for the lack in other areas. For example, a social factor like spiritual belief can help you cope with a physical illness.

Many people believe that the key to wellbeing is having a lot of money and an eminent social status. People overwork themselves to acquire as much material possessions as they can because of this belief. And when they fail to deliver, they feel depressed and frustrated about themselves.

Wealth can be a means to improve a person’s living conditions. However, it is not the only means by which you can be happy or enjoy quality life. Wellbeing can be elusive but it is achievable following the best practices.

Eat right – Nutritious foods are important for your physical and mental health. Avoid junk foods because they can make you feel down and lazy.

Be physically fit – Exercise daily to keep yourself fit. Spend at least an hour a day jumping, walking and stretching. This will help sweat the stress out of your system.

Develop strong relationships – Spend time caring for your family and friends. Get rid of any conflicts that can make you emotionally unstable.

Set realistic goals – Working towards achievable goals can cultivate improved self-esteem.

Make time for socialization – Stay in contact with your close friends and relatives. Meet new people. This can help you have a wider perspective in life.

If you need more information about achieving overall wellbeing, check out this neat infographic from Beacon Cove I found online.

Taking Care of Your Mind, Body and Soul - 4 Steps to Achieving Overall Wellbeing