Saturday, January 10, 2015

Top Things to Learn This New Year

Whenever a new year starts, most people get frantic about making resolutions. There's nothing wrong with this. However, I personally believe that learning something new at the turn of each year is more worthwhile than making resolutions. Here's a list of the things I have learned in the past 'new years'. Check them out and note which among them is suited to your capacity and interest.

Learn a new skill - Do you envy your friends who could bike or drive? Make it your goal this year to learn both. Start with biking. They say it is easier to learn driving once you get used to biking. If you lack the budget for a biking class or lesson, ask one your driver friends to teach you during their free time.

Learn a new language - Speaking a language other than your native tongue is very fulfilling. Moreover, it can bring career advancements to you. Learn new language online. You can also read self-study books that are published for beginners. Once you have learned the language of your dreams, pay a visit to its country of origin.

Learn a new  instrument - Playing an instrument can help you unwind especially when you're stressed out with responsibilities at home and at work. Also, it can help you look cool in front of your family and friends. You can hire a tutor for this or just watch tutorial videos uploaded in YouTube.

Learn a new hobby - Yes, hobbies can be learned too. Think of at least three hobbies which you find interesting. For example, you can learn photography during the first quarter of the year; graphic design for the next quarter; and then filming. Who knows, you can turn these new hobbies into new sources of extra income too.