Friday, October 18, 2013

Good Writing Skills - Why Bother To Have It?

Only a few people seem to understand the importance of good writing skills. In truth, the ability to write is as important as the ability to read. This is because both are part and parcel of effective communication.
Applying for college education and applying for employment are a couple of the situations that test and value the applicants' writing skills. College essays, for example, is crucial for you to enter a university. Having the skills  to communicate your thoughts about this season of your life and why you have chosen a certain university through written words is can provide for the realization of your dreams.

Companies may not require you to right an essay similar to the above-mentioned. Nonetheless, they scrutinize how you write your application or cover letter plus your resume. If the position you are applying for involves written reports, documentation of transactions and communicating with clients through writing, a good command of the written language can truly get you on top of the other applicants. Moving forward, you can be promoted to a much higher position which put premium on effective communication among clients and different company departments.