Thursday, October 24, 2013

Communication Etiquette Tips For All

Communicating with etiquette can be learned. (Let me underscore that if you are going to make an excuse that you were not born with it :) ) With this short post, I wish to share with you insights on how I discipline myself to have it.

1) Acknowledge the conversation or communication right in front your eyes - When someone talks to you, give your full attention to the person. This gives the impression that you're listening and you will do the right action.

2) Give respect -  How? Listen and do not cut the person talking. Refrain from using strong words that can hurt or imply something negative.

3) Be mindful of titles - Some do mind about being addressed formally. This is specifically true if they have earned a degree in varied fields of study. If you are unsure of these titles, use 'Ms.', 'Mrs.' or 'Mr.' as a default when addressing people you are in conversation with.

4) Choose the right channels - Channels are important factors which are often neglected in effective communication. A business transaction is in need for these so that proper solution may be given to the topic communicated particularly when it involves a conflict.