Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Benefits Of Instilling Good Reading Habits In Children

Instilling good reading habits in children will help them later in life. Even with the prevalence of video games and modern technology, children should be encouraged to read. It is a basic skill that any person should be given the chance to learn. Knowing how to read will prepare your child for both the simple and complicated challenges of everyday life.

If your child does not know how to read, how will he order from Mc Donald’s? How will he understand the instructions to his favourite video game? How will he know what’s written on the gift tags of his birthday presents? How will your child fill out college application forms, pursue higher education, find a decent job, and carve the path to his future?

Parents should encourage kids to read. Reading is a very healthy activity. When I say ‘healthy,’ I don’t mean that it makes one physically stronger or more resistant to diseases. Reading nourishes the mind. It is very good exercise for the brain. It helps make one’s brain function better.
A propensity to read will inculcate discipline in your kids, and help strengthen their focus. Reading requires your child to devote his time and full attention to the reading material in front of him. It also discourages him from engaging in less wholesome activities.

An interest in books will also encourage your children to appreciate literature, the arts, and even school in general. Good reading habits entitle your child to so much knowledge. If your child loves to read, he will appreciate the wealth of information that can be garnered from books. So many books on hundreds or even thousands of topics have been published. There are books on literature, science, art, mathematics, language, music, sports, law and politics, technology, as well as beauty and fashion, among others. The list goes on, and the information never runs out. Books are a goldmine of knowledge.