Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mistakes To Avoid In Creating A Well Designed Website

I want a well designed website, and so does every other web-savvy person I know. You don’t put up a website just for show.  If you’re a business owner, your website represents your brand and should successfully market your products or services. You want your visitors to stay on your website and eventually make a purchase. This cannot possibly happen if browsing the site itself becomes an excruciating experience for your visitors. You might have exerted so much effort in creating your website, but you probably committed a few mistakes along the way. I see these mistakes all the time when I surf the web. Let me share a few that I’ve noticed.

I hate clutter. Clutter is the mother of all web design mistakes. Clutter happens when a designer or his client want s to display too much all on one web page. It also happens when you don’t plan in advance and realize in the middle of building your site that you want to add several more elements to the page. Too many badges.Too many colours and too many fonts! Too many images that don’t complement the layout. Too much of everything else. Clutter on the homepage is a total turn off. If your homepage is a mess, it leaves a negative impression on your prospective customers. Ask yourself this question: if you can’t even come up with a decent website, why should they hire you?

Just because a designer uses flash or animation, it doesn’t ensure that he can come up with a well designed website. Too much flash can actually be irritating, and takes a more time to load. If you own a CGI animation studio, then perhaps all those flashy Flash elements would be appropriate. If you’re selling embroidery supplies on the other hand, all that animation probably won’t be necessary.