Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Coping With Learning Disability

Learning disability or LD is  something that you cannot guess about. You first need to undergo a series of educational or psychological tests before you can formally say that you have one.  These tests, of course, should be administered by authorities in the relevant fields.

If you have a hard time learning a concept or a subject, do not be shy to let your teacher, guidance counselor or school psychologist to know about it. This could be indicative that you have LD. Or, this could simply mean that you learn in a different way.

Be clear in sharing the exact issues you encounter while studying inside the class or alone in the library. As soon as you are suggested to take specific tests, take them right away. Consult a doctor right away for you to get professional help if ever the test results approve that you really have LD. Are there medications prescribed for your betterment? If yes, do take them all.

Do not sulk about having LD. Many people who suffer from LD have proven that challenges such as this cannot stop from being the best that they can be. Just look at the likes of Tom Cruise, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein and John F. Kennedy who managed to be achievers and famous in their niches despite the fact that they did not learn the regular way.