Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Online Learning Vs. Traditional Learning

It seems that everything you want to learn can already found in the internet. You just really have to be patient in researching for the right information about the topic you are interested in.  As we all know, not everything available in the cyber space is from a reliable source.

As the thought of doing further studies during my free time often catches my attention, online courses look very much enticing to me especially those related to my interests.  They appear much cheaper to me – lower rates and absence of fare budget as I need not travel just to be in school. I am still thinking though whether it would be more effective than the traditional model?

I have read some articles on this and the views are quite diverse. Some point out that humans genuinely learn when there is a face-to-face classroom set-up where there is personal interaction. Those  who represent the twenty-first century learners,  on the other hand, voice out that learning in a virtual classroom is far more effective because it offers variety, flexibility and technological skills.

I don’t know about you but after a few reads, I have resolved to the idea that certain courses are best taught online and others offline.