Thursday, February 7, 2013

On Real Books And Ebooks

I may have been a fan of the traditional book, but I cannot deny the fact that I also love to read books using my Kindle especially when I travel.

This offers a lot of convenience on my end because I do not need to carry a full bag of books, I just have to bring my electronic book reader with me when I  go out. :)

But when I prefer to stay at home especially during weekends and holidays, I still hold a real book. That enables me to save on electricity costs as well, since I need to charge my Ebook reader so I can use it again as opposed to the traditional book. With the real one, you can just flip the pages and not worry about grabbing the charger next to you. All you need is a well lit place so you can read the contents.

What about you? Which would you prefer? A real book or an electronic one?