Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Is Script Writing Dead?

One time my niece was complaining to my sister about the script writing exercises which she had to finish. At eight years old,  she smartly remarked the lack of importance of script writing since everything  else can be learned and communicated through gadgets. With that explanation, I am getting the point that all she needs to practice on is type fast on the keyboard.

In this age of modern technology, is script writing already a dead art?

By judging the learning environment of children these days, I think it is slowly becoming a dead art. Almost all children today would rather hold gadgets rather than a pen and a piece of paper to write.  I learned script writing when I was young and I thought (until now) that I have great advantage over people I know who did not learn it. For one, it is cool that I can read script signages while they can’t. 
Motor skills is developed by script writing. This is one thing which must not be neglected as it comes in handy for children as they grow up. Moreover, some specialists say that it impacts the brain to accumulate knowledge tremendously.

When I have my own children in the future, I would choose to teach them script writing.