Thursday, March 19, 2015

Positive Discipline and Your Children

Order at home is better achieved by getting your children do the right things rather than from prohibiting them from doing the wrong things. This implies that discipline, at any rate, must be done positively.

Your influence as a parent should encourage order in your house. Your character and daily life must be a role model for all your kids. Occasions will arise when you need to show how you feel towards the challenges happening in your life or to your family. Thus, you must be cautious in encouraging and inspiring your children to act positively in every situation. They will learn this from your actions and words.

Depending on the personality of your children, you can start positive discipline by appealing to their personal interests. Are your children experiencing difficulties? Help them cope with these difficulties and soon enough they will see a friend in you. Consequently, your children will  repay your kindness with appreciation and good behavior.

Children are naturally active and any attempt to suppress their natural tendencies can lead to misbehavior. Hence, you must not suppress their activities. Redirect their activities in a way that they will be meaningful. Give your children chores or tasks that are suitable to their ages and capabilities and you will see them misbehave less or not misbehave at all.

Worthwhile things can happen in your home if you work towards common goals with your children. A harmonious parent-children relationship is achieved when parents help their children see their value in everything they do.

Do you have misbehaving children? Or do you use negative methods to discipline your children? It's not yet too late to start anew. Implement positive discipline now.