Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Helpful Hints In Designing A Website Today

I am all for multimedia. People would definitely appreciate if you have videos on your site to explain what your company is all about. It beats a long boring corporate sounding company profile anytime. However, you should be careful with using video. It is not advisable to use video that plays automatically when you load the page. This is one of those web design mistakes that we tend to commit in the spirit of going all out for new media. Give your visitor the option to actually decide if he wants to see the video or not. And be sure to back it up with relevant content, just in case he prefers to scan through a couple of paragraphs instead.

How many seconds does it take for your website to load? Two minutes? You’ve got to be kidding! Too much loading time is an indicator that you’ve committed the previously mentioned mistakes. Your images are probably too heavy, or perhaps your video hasn’t been optimised. Or perhaps using Flash in the pursuit of an impressive, cutting edge well designed website may have its downsides.  You do know that time is gold, don’t you? Customers won’t stay if your website takes too much time to load.