Sunday, March 17, 2013

Indie Pop And Alternative: Music Varieties Worth Listening To

Music is the universal language, and tons of music varieties or genres have been shaped over the years. If you say it’s alternative, rock or dance, it can be further narrowed down into more specific music genres such as Glam Rock, Alternative Rock, Trance or Techno. It can get really confusing. There are even debates on how a particular song should be classified, which I find rather preposterous since people have different ears, different tastes, and different levels of appreciation.

There are of course industry experts and established standards that they rely on to classify music into genres or sub-genres, but it has become difficult to classify today’s music under one specific type. A song can fall under one to three genres. Music has evolved uncontrollably, and there are but too many kinds of music that we can now listen to. I have my personal favourites, and indie pop and alternative are just two.

I love Indie Pop music, as opposed to Pop. Pop music normally has a simple melody and a catchy rhythm, and sung by glamorized artists who have been packaged and publicized by major label recording companies. Sometimes it’s actually the hype and publicity that make these artists sell.  Think Britney Spears or One Direction.

Indie Pop music is also catchy, usually with power pop song strong structures, but less abrasive in sound. Words used are less aggressive. It is one of those music varieties that are light and easy on the ears, but never boring in the traditional sense. The lyrics are usually more poignant and thought provoking, backed up by cleverly executed instrumentation. Indie pop bands are usually very creative and more experimental, sometimes deviating from established instrumentation standards and going for off tune or jangling guitar riffs.  Indie bands have a do it yourself approach to creating music. An independent music label usually produces their albums, or they do it on their own.